Auto Insurance

If you’re looking for auto insurance coverage in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. At TJ Mazur & Associates, we offer quality car insurance coverage plans designed to suit your needs.

Understanding the Different Parts of Auto Insurance

When it comes to buying car insurance, it is important to realize that your policy includes two types: first-party coverage and third-party coverage.

Often referred to as liability insurance, third-party coverage is required by the state. This portion of your policy pays for the other person’s medical bills and repair costs if you’re involved in an at-fault incident. The minimum liability limits you can carry in Arizona is $25,000 per person bodily injury, $50,000 aggregate bodily injury for two or more people, and $15,000 property damage.

But what part of your policy pays to fix your vehicle after you’ve been involved in an auto accident? That would be first-party coverage and there are two types. Collision insurance pays when your car has physically collided with another object—such as in an accident with another car or your neighbor’s fence post. Comprehensive coverage handles incidents that are primarily out of your control including weather, fire, vandalism, and theft.

However, there are additional features you can add to your coverage, such as emergency road service, towing, and rental reimbursement. Talk to an agent directly to choose to build the policy that meets your needs.

Overcoming Challenges When Buying Car Insurance

Do you have a few moving violations or a past accident on your record? Have you had a lapse in coverage at some point in the past? At TJ Mazur & Associates, we understand that sometimes life happens. That’s why we are happy to help our clients overcome these challenges when purchasing auto insurance. Please contact us today to discuss your situation.

Proud to Help Arizona Drivers with Their Auto Insurance Needs

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