Home Insurance

Homeowners must purchase the proper insurance policy to cover their residences to fulfill their legal requirements in the state of Arizona. No reputable mortgage lender is going to sign off on the purchase without it. Once we have zeroed in on the home we want, it is time to protect this key investment.

Unfortunately, there are a number of myths when it comes to home insurance. Let's take this opportunity to debunk some of the most common ones...

There's No Need To Make An Inventory List

There are a wide range of homeowners who believe that they have no need for an inventory list. This is not a mentality that is recommended by the agents at TJ Mazur & Associates. If you are ever asked to file a claim, you are going to need to provide proof of all the items that were lost. By preparing a detailed list ahead of time, you are able to get out in front of these types of concerns beforehand.

All Valuables Are Going To Be Covered

Not so fast. While a home insurance policy will offer some form of coverage, you are going to need additional coverage if you are looking to protect anything that is truly valuable. Do you have expensive jewelry, clothing or antiques that you are looking to protect? If so, you'll want to purchase the additional coverage that keeps these items safe.

Homeowners Are Covered For Maintenance Issues

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A homeowner must make sure to properly maintain their residence. If any damages take place that can be directly linked to poor maintenance, the homeowner is going to be left holding the bag for the resulting expenses. For example, mold is not covered under typical policies.

Arizona residents who are looking for the home insurance policy that best suits their needs must contact TJ Mazur & Associates as soon as possible. We are here to help you make sense of it all.